Board of Directors

Carolina Voyager’s Board of Directors is responsible for both the short-term administrative goals as well as the long-term objectives associated with the school’s continued expansion. Feel free to contact the board via email at with any questions or concerns.

Board Chair

Vice Chair



Additional Members

Proposed Charter Amendments

Our request to amend our original charter application is being reviewed by the CCSD Board of Trustees.  In order to provide our school community complete visibility to this process, all interested parties may review the amended charter application, as well as the clarification document sent to CCSD for their review.  I must warn you that the charter application is 263 pages long, hence the need for the clarification document.  Please reach out to Dr. Walker should you have any questions about these documents or the review process.  Thank you.

CVCS Clarification of Proposed Charter Amendments

Revised Charter Application (Marked up)

2022 Carolina Voyager Board Candidate Filing Form

Meeting Minutes

2022 Minutes

Minutes- January 3, 2022

Minutes- January 11, 2022

Minutes- February 8, 2022

Minutes-  March 8, 2022

Minutes- April 5, 2022

Minutes- May 10, 2022

 Minutes- June 14, 2022

Minutes- July 12, 2022

Minutes- July 21, 2022

2021 Minutes

Minutes- January 7th, 2021

Minutes- January 12th, 2021

Minutes- February 4th, 2021

Minutes- February 9th, 2021

Minutes- March 2nd, 2021

Minutes-March 9th, 2021

Minutes- April 13, 2021

Minutes – April 15, 2021

Minutes- April 22nd, 2021

Minutes- May 11th, 2021

Minutes- June 8th, 2021

Minutes- June 15th, 2021

Minutes- July 13th, 2021

Minutes- July 26th, 2021

Minutes- August 10th, 2021

Minutes- September 14th, 2021

Minutes- September 20th, 2021

Minutes- September 30th, 2021

Minutes- October 12th, 2021

Minutes- October 20th, 2021

Minutes- October 22nd, 2021

Minutes- November 4th, 2021

Minutes- November 9th, 2021

Minutes- December 14, 2021

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