Technology is a pivotal tool throughout the school day. Teachers take attendance, plan, and communicate using technology. All students at Carolina Voyager Charter School are taught to navigate these tools confidently and responsibly.

There are a variety of resources teachers and students use to boost their skills and navigate the curriculum. Here are some links to resources we use at school!

Technology Fee

All students at Carolina Voyager Charter School are issued a technology device to use for the duration of the school year. Students in grades Kindergarten through 1st will receive an iPad and students in 2nd grade through 8th grade will receive a Chromebook.

A Technology Fee of $65 per student is due at the beginning of the academic year and covers student device insurance costs. Payment plans are available if needed, reach out to our tech director at

Once the fee is paid in full, students will be allowed to bring their device home. Please help your child remember to charge their device nightly. To learn more about Blended Learning, visit the school’s Academics pages.


Students must purchase and be responsible for their own WIRED headphones. Headphones are used in the classroom for both individual and group instruction. Wireless headphones may not be compatible with all devices and often bluetooth attach to the wrong device in the classroom.Certain headphones are not compatible with Carolina Voyager’s technology cases. 

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