Carolina Voyager Community 

Yesterday we had our bi-monthly construction meeting.  The building plan is moving along as scheduled without any setbacks.  The next step is a meeting with zoning and planning.  At this meeting the community will have an opportunity to see the proposed traffic flow.  I think that this a great opportunity for the immediate community (Bolton’s Landing and Carolina Bay) to see the proposal first hand.  I am asking our families from this area to please join us in support of building our school and in trying to be great neighbors.  

Listed below a few key points that we plan to share:

 –  CVCS is spending approximately half of a million dollars to install a traffic light at the corner of Bees Ferry Road and Bluewater Way in order to promote a smoother traffic pattern for the community, residents, and our school.

– The school’s driveway was designed in collaboration with the Department of Transportation to provide for all queuing of cars to occur on the school site, thus eliminating traffic backup on Bluewater Way.

– As a CCSD school choice school, CVCS has the potential to attract new families and businesses to the area and drive economic growth, as well as provide a high-quality school option for the community’s children within walking distance of their homes.

– Regardless of the community’s opposition, this commercial property will be developed in some fashion. Having a school at the entrance to this neighborhood seems to be a much better addition to the community as opposed to a shopping center, gas station, storage units, car wash, or other commercial development.

The School Board joins me in asking those of you who live in Bolton’s Landing and Carolina Bay to join us at the meeting on Monday, November 7th at 5:00 p.m. at the following location:

Charleston County Zoning & Planning Department

4045 Bridge View Drive

Charleston, SC 29405

Thank you for your support.

Anthony L. Holland, Sr

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