Carolina Voyager Charter School’s curriculum is aligned with the South Carolina standards for elementary and middle school. The school implements national best practices of technology learning with teacher-led instruction in a school culture that nurtures social and emotional learning needed for a student’s 21st century journey. Classroom technology supports web-based curriculum that is differentiated for the individual learner and is aligned to the state curriculum standards. In addition to core academics, students participate in Art, Music, Spanish, P.E. and Coding.

Blended Learning

Blended learning combines traditional classroom teaching with personalized instruction and online technology to meet the specific needs of every student. A focus on individualization, in concert with a deep parental engagement strategy and focused teaching and leadership development, will provide a unique learning experience.

Online learning will be within the classroom facilitated by certified teachers. Each child’s learning experience will be more productive because the student has more one-on-one time with a teacher who can target specific skills gaps and strengths. This method also gives teachers more classroom time to focus on extending their students’ critical thinking skills along with their social and emotional development.​

For additional information about blended learning and our unique curriculum, please read our original 2014 Charter application here.

Social & Emotional Learning

The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning ( has researched that schools who provide socially and emotionally sound learning environments help students develop greater social and emotional competence. In turn, this helps ensure positive short-term and long-term academic and personal outcomes.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) promotes young people’s academic success, health, and well-being while preventing problems such as alcohol and drug use, violence, truancy, and bullying. Carolina Voyager partners with regional and national experts in developing a SEL program of study that will be integrated into the school day.​

Additional information about SEL can be found at this link.

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